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“I didn’t know my mom was a hairstylist until I actually went to beauty college, that’s when my mom shared the story of how she met my dad working as a hairstylist in a beauty salon in Seoul Korea. My father was a soldier in the United States Army and was stationed in Korea. He went into the salon looking for a haircut and that’s how they met. I say it was in my blood to be a stylist. I had a passion for it since elementary school.

I specialize in balayage, ombré, haircuts, and curly girl hair haircuts.”

Tina’s services

scalp treatment 

This service is for those of you who have dandruff or dry scalp. No need to be embarrassed. Come see me so I can help you. No chemicals! Scalp treatments also help to stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp. Also pulling natural oils from the scalp to the ends which helps with shine

shadow root

Root shadowing is a low maintenance hair color technique in which a darker shade is applied directly to the roots giving a soft, seamless contrast. It’s a great way to refresh your look, giving your hair color depth and dimension. Root shadowing is often seen with balayage highlights

balayage and ombré hair

Balayage, also known as “pintura,” is essentially freehand hair painting. Because each section is highlighted by hand, it ends up looking as natural as the sun-kissed highlights.

In French, ombré means “shade” or “shadow.” In the hair color world, ombré is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom


Pamper yourself with a shampoo and blow dry. In its simplest form, a blowout is the art of drying hair after a wash to achieve a smooth and sleek look, style, and feel—no curling or flat iron involved


An updo is a hair style that involves arranging the hair instead of allowing it to fall freely. It can be as simple as a ponytail, but is more commonly associated with more elaborate styles intended for special occasions such as a prom or wedding.

curly girl haircuts

I specialize in curly hair, so if you have wavy, curly or coily hair you have come to the right place! I can help you and we can even recommend the right products for the hair. If you’re still trying to figure out how to style it, I can help you with that too.

woman and men’s haircuts

I do tapers, fades, scissor cutting, shaping, and razor cuts.


Hair toner is a product used on hair after it has been subject to strong chemical bleaching and lightening processes in order to get rid of brassy hair tones. The toner works most noticeably on light hair as it does not lift or permanently alter the color of hair, but rather adds a tone over it.

dry hair treatment

TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery is a salon exclusive hero treatment that has been clinically proven to repair internal damage and return hair back to virgin strength in just 5 minutes. It contains 100x times more keratin than just using shampoo and conditioner. One treatment contains as much protein as is lost by damaged hair in one year. Infused with our intense Marine Protein Complex, it penetrates the hair fiber at the core to help repair and reconstruct, increasing the flexibility of the hair, making hair less prone to breakage. Perfect for severely damaged, over-processed hair, or before or after lightening and color services.

stylist Kayley

 “I’m a third generation hairstylist—growing up, I always knew I wanted to do hair like my mom and great aunt. I gave my first full haircut at 7 years old with kitchen scissors in my grandma’s bathroom. Little did I know that my childhood passion would become an amazing career.

I specialize in blonding, dimensional brunettes, & custom coloring.”

cosmetologist Jessica

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am a licensed cosmetologist. What I love about doing hair is seeing how a single service can make people so happy and confident. I strive to keep those smiles and excitement in my chair! I specialize in balayage/foilayage and dimensional brunettes. Keeping up on education is extremely important to me as well to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques! Follow my Instagram page to see my work!

stylist Anyssa

“Located in Old Town Clovis, The Chosen salon. I’m Anyssa! With 2 years of experience it has been my favorite adventure so far- I love customizing dimensional colors to create styles that turn heads and helping clients express their personalities through hair! I specialize in balayage, ombres, highlights, to colorful vivids. If you have any questions feel free to send a text message or follow me on Instagram!”

Anyssa’s services

Balayage (Natural Highlights)
$250 · 4 hours 30 minutes

A blended root with dimension. Soft, natural looking highlights creating a gradual effect from your natural hair to blonde towards the ends. The lightness is more focused towards a lived in root, transitioning to blonde.This hand painted technique works for all shades of hair! *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Vivid Color Application Only
$150.00 · 3 hours

Wanting to apply a color over your existing blonde, do not select if you need to lighten your hair first. *INCLUDES DRY AND STYLE
Color Correction
300 · 6 hours

At home color gone bad? Multiple colors of box dye? Bleaching gone bad? Let’s chat about pricing and how we can start fixing your hair slowly but surely!
Face Framing With Balayage
$240 · 5 hours

A blended balayage with brightness around the face. With added dimension, light blonde transitioning to brighter ends. Foils would be added with this service to achieve the light blonde. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Foilayage (Lighter Highlights)
$250 · 5 hours

A combination of foils and balayage with higher, lighter lift of blonde. Blended, rooted, and hand painting highlights wrapping each in a sheet of foil to achieve the most brightness your hair will allow. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Ombré Short to Medium Hair
(Mids to Ends)
Price Varies · 4 hours

With lower maintenance and less touch ups, dark hair transitioning to blonde from the middle to ends. * INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Ombré Medium To Long Hair
$200.00 · 4 hours

With lower maintenance and less touch ups, dark hair transitioning to blonde from the middle to ends. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
New Vivid Color
Price Varies · 6 hours

In order to get the color you are wanting (red, blues, greens etc.) we have to lighten your whole head with lightener and foils, and then apply the color. If you are wanting to change your color and touch up your roots as well, this is also what you select. INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Highlights (Full Head)
Price Varies · 5 hours

Full head of foils to lighten your hair all around. Foil highlights are placed close to the scalp, lightening the hair from the roots to the ends for an all-over look! *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Highlight Root Touch Up
$150.00 · 3 hours 45 minutes

Just the roots being touched up, with toner refresh. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Double Process (Full Blonde)
$250.00 · 6 hours

A full head of blonde, using foils to achieve the level of brightness With a root smudge, root melt or all the way to the roots. If you have any questions feel free to ask! * INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Basic Color/Grey Coverage
$60.00 · 1 hour 45 minutes

A simple one color throughout your whole head roots to ends. (Black, Brown, Copper, Dark Burgundy, Natural Colors etc) If you have any questions feel free to ask. style not included. If wanting a style, use the hair styling add on.
Basic Color Root Touch Up
$45.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Root touch up on basic color service. Style not included, if wanting use the Styling Add On
Face Framing highlights
(Front Only)
Price Varies · 3 hours

A pop of light blonde from the front hairline around the face, the “2 strands” look. The lighter color around the face, blended into your natural hair color or existing blonde. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Highlights (Partial Front/Crown)
Price Varies · 3 hours 30 minutes

To brighten, and refresh your existing blonde. Add in a some foils around the front hairline and crown area without having to do the full head. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Perm on Short to Mid Length
$175.00 · 4 hours 30 minutes

Please note not everyone is a candidate for a perm. We cannot perform this service if you have blonding, highlights (lightened) hair. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Perm on Mid to Long Hair
$200.00 · 4 hours 30 minutes

Please note not everyone is a candidate for a perm. We cannot perform this service if you have blonding, highlights (lightened) hair. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Womens Haircut W/ Deep Conditioning Treatment
$65.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Needing a haircut or a trim to get rid of split ends is important, but getting a hair mask and treatment will help you achieve smoother, healthier, moisturized hair! Blow dry included, styling not included. If wanting your hair styled, please select the Styling Add On
Women’s Haircut
Price Varies · 1 hour

Comes with a wash and blow dry. Hair curling/waving/straightening not included. Please add “Styling Add On” if wanting it with service.
Vivid Color Touch Up
(Refresh Color)
$150.00 · 2 hours

Reapplying the color after it fades to brighten and refresh. Comes with a trim! No blonding or root touch up with this option. * INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Styling Add On
$30.00 · 30 minutes

Hair styling, hair curling, waving
Toner Refresh
$65.00 · 2 hours

Wanting to refresh your blonde with a toning/gloss without bleaching your roots. Haircut/Trim not included. *INCLUDE HAIR DRY AND STYLED*
Price Varies · 1 hour

Dutch/French braids men and women braids! Braids on wet or dry hair, with product used to keep it in style for more than one day.
Mens Cut
$25.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Men’s cut comes with wash

stylist Sonya

“Licensed for 7 years, I have been passionate about all color and blonding. I specialize in balayage, babylights, and foilayage techniques—just to name a few. 

Please follow my Instagram page to check out my work, or click on my link for pricing.”

Sonya’s services

Vivid colors
$185.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Doesn’t include lightening service
Starts at $250 · 3 hours

Price increases with thickness of hair Cancellation fee and deposit are non refundable
Color correction
Starts at $250 · 2 hours 20 minutes

Price increases with thickness of hair Cancellation fee and deposit are non refundable
$250.00 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Cancellation fee and desposit are non refundable
Toner refresh
$75.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Toner/ glaze over prelightened hair
Double process
$300.00 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Full head of foils including a toner or color Cancellation fee and deposit are non refundable
Hair treatment/ deep conditioning
$65.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes
Quick Hairstyle (flat iron , curls)
$40.00 · 30 minutes
Event hairstyle (wedding, etc)
$125.00 · 1 hour
Root touch up (color only)
$65.00 · 1 hour 30 minutes
Highlights (partial)
$175.00 · 2 hours

Price may increase with hair thickness
Highlights (full)
$250.00 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Price may increase with hair thickness and length Cancellation fee and deposit are non refundable
Highlight & root color touch up
$120.00 · 2 hours 30 minutes
Quick wash and style with round brush
$25.00 · 30 minutes
Balayage root touch up
$125.00 · 30 minutes
Basic Color
Starts at $95 · 1 hour 30 minutes 

Price increases with length and thickness of hair
$50.00 · 30 minutes

Dry haircut
Haircut w/shampoo & style
$95.00 · 1 hour

Includes wash cut and style

stylist Jenna

Hello, I am the eldest daughter of six kids and had to grow up pretty quickly. I grew up in Merced but decided to move to the SF Bay Area to pursue my dream of being a creative designer. Fast forward 10 years later I came back as a creative Hairstylist! I love designing hair to fit my client’s lifestyles and event needs. I specialize in woman’s haircuts, creative color, dimensional blonding, and hair extensions. Follow me on Instagram at @jennavuebeauty for my hair art gallery.